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The Leader Within

Discover, Define and Develop

 “Know Thyself.”   

The Leader Within is a development process that facilitates your understanding of the unique talents, gifts and resources that you bring to the leadership role. 

  • Discover through personal assessments your strength and weaknesses of your behavioral style, your drive and motivation and your attributes of thinking, seeing and focusing.  Discover what your job/position says is required to be a successful leader in your current work environment.

  • Define and refine your understanding and outcome to influence others through your behavior, values and attributes.  Identify the strength and discrepancy in your person/job match performance. 

  • Develop yourself through a model of coaching, mentoring, and personally target learning CDs prescribed just for you in your work environment to obtain the career results desired. 

“Leadership significance is dependent upon understanding individual performance in relationship to others and your total person concept you want to become in the work environment.”