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About Us



The mission of Total Strategies for Success, Inc. is to facilitate and develop pathways to abundant living with individuals and organizations that utilize their natural design and abilities to obtain their potential. 

We believe that each person and thus each organization is unique and have extreme worth that wants and needs to be acknowledge and enhanced to be what they were designed be. 

Thus, Total Strategies for Success, Inc. strives to deliver high quality, innovative, result-oriented products and services that seek to identify and build upon an individual’s talents utilizing:

  • Assessments tools
  • Books, manuals and CD programs
  • Consultation
  • Coaching
  • Seminars and training programs

We partner with client organizations in their efforts to reduce and eliminate psychological, relational, behavioral, motivational, and performance barriers to quality and productivity.  Through creative processes, TSFS facilitates a win-win situation for both employer and employees that keep the company at peak performance.

TSFS provides proven methods to:

  • Assess employee behavioral, attitude, and attribute factors that impact communication, performance and productivity.  The ability to interact effectively with people may be the difference between success and failure.
  • Benchmark the position to increase matching the whole person to whole position
  • Clarify individual work styles, how styles affect job performance and how the employee-manager relationship affects productivity and goal achievement.
  • Create a work environment that invites increased productivity, higher quality of effort and improve morale from employees.
  • Develop performance and development strategies.
  • Executives, managers and human resource professionals develop an accurate analysis of individual strengths and value to the organization and utilize this knowledge to develop skills that increase productivity in themselves and those who report to them.
  • Leadership development systems
  • New employee off to a fast, productive start, as well as reduce the turnover rate.
  • Strategies for communicating openly, honestly and directly to get the results the individual and organization need and desire.

O. Steven Bearden


O. Steven Bearden serves as the president of Total Strategies for Success, Inc.  He is the principal consultant, coach and trainer.  Prior to establishing Total Strategies for Success, Inc., he founded TSS Corporate Services while affiliated with The Shepherd’s Staff Ministries, Inc.


Mr. Bearden began his professional career in 1978 and over the years has worked in a variety of work environments (Mississippi Methodist Rehabilitation Center, The Shepherd’s Staff Ministries, Baptist Behavioral Health, University Rehabilitation Center, and Corporate Insights) holding positions of Social Worker, Therapist, Educator, Trainer, Director, Administrative Coordinator, and President.  He has taught courses at the University of Southern Mississippi, Jackson State University and Mississippi College as an Adjunct Instructor, Field Instructor and guess lecterer.


Mr. Bearden has presented at various professional and business training sessions, conferences and meetings on relational issues, communication skills, conflict resolution and anger management, gender issues, stress management and balanced living, divorce recovery, sexual problems and sexual harassment, adjustment to loss and change, clinical supervision, behavioral selling skills, what drives people to work as they do, bringing out the best of employees, ways to empower employees, goal setting, assessment tools in candidate selection and hiring, an maximizing your human resources.




Mr. Bearden’s credentials include:

  • The Robert S. Hartman Institute
  • Fundamentals of Formal Axiology & the Hartman Value Profile, 2004
  • Certified Professional Values Analyst, 2003
  • Certified Attribute Index Analyst, 2003
  • Certified Basic CISM, 2000
  • Certified Professional Behavioral Analyst, 2000
  • Mississippi Licensed Certified Social Worker, 1987
  • Co-authored “A Model for Psychiatric Consultation in Systemic Therapy.”  Journal of Marital and Family Therapy, Volume 17, Number 3, July 1991