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Success Insights®

The Leader Within
Individual Profile


This Leadership/Management Profile is designed specifically to facilitate discovery, development and refinement of an individual’s unique Leadership/Management style.

This Profile is not only effective for personal mentoring and coaching but also a powerful training and developing tool to take your organization to the next level.  This is a vital tool for selecting, hiring and promoting people with the right aptitude for Leadership/Management success.  It provides you over 60-pages of solid insights. 

Success Insights® The Leader Within Individual Profile answers the four essential questions of success and provides a platform to build upon to go to the next level:


1.      Behaviorally: HOW does the individual Lead and Manage?

  • The Success Insights® Executive Report draws conclusions from each person’s natural and adapted behavioral characteristics and tells how to use them to maximize management effectiveness and productivity.
  • Even the most skillful professionals will not be successful if they cannot relate to employees, your company and customers/clients.
  • This is not a personality test.
  • The Success Insights® Executive Report is designed to provide you with an assessment of the best ways to communicate with and motivate an individual to achieve his/her maximum potential in their Leadership/Management role.

2.      Values and Attitudes: WHY is the individual driven to work as they do?

  • Knowing why someone will do something provides a significant source of information regarding performance.
  • This section of Success Insights® The Leader Within Individual Profile reveals the real reasons behind those things that cause a person to be successful or unsuccessful as related strictly to their personal interests and values.
  • The real and hidden motivators behind performance.

3.      Attributes and Capacities: What is the thought process that guides the individual to lead?

  • The Personal Talent Skills Inventory® determines 44 predispositions with regard to specific actions and qualities necessary for peak, effective performance.

  • Research clearly indicates that these predispositions comprise a significant portion of the success formula for Leaders and Managers.

  • This component of Success Insights® The Leader With Individual Profile will determine the potential of training and coaching to build a successful Leader and Manager.

4.      Work Environment:  If the job could talk?

  • What talents does the “job” require for top performance?

  • What are the “key accountabilities” of the job?

  • A unique 37-factor analysis of the job.

  • What is the “job-person” fit?

Your complete Success Insights® The Leader Within Individual Profile is returned to you in the form of a 60-page report and includes the following:

  • The SI® Executive Behavioral Report

  • The Management Behavioral Factor Indicator™

  • The Workplace Motivators™ Report

  • The PTSI Leadership/Management Attribute Index™ Report

  • The Critical Leadership/Management Attributes.

  • The Job Behavioral Hierarchy

  • The Job Rewards/Culture Hierarchy

  • The Job Attributes Hierarchy

  • PLUS a phone consultation with an associate of Total Strategies for Success, Inc. to review the results and assist you in identifying the actions necessary to go to the next level.

  • Personalized Rx CD System recommendation