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Development Model

The Leader Within Development System 

  • Are you looking to develop the organization or yourself?
  • Do you want to understand what is required for excellent performance of a management position and clarify how you measure up (or how your leadership team meets the standard)?
  • Do you have clear strategies for your career advancement based on reliable assessment of your strengths and weaknesses?
  • What if the leadership position could really communicate what talents the position required in your organization in a specific department or region?
  • Where do you naturally direct your energies?
  • What really interests and motivates you to lead and manage?
  • What is your most productive behavioral approach?
  • What do you need from others and your organization to be the effective leader you can be?

The Leader Within Development System
A Comprehensive Multi-Component Process to optimize your performance and career objectives includes:

  • Assess the Individual
  • Assess the Position
  • Assess the Performance Perception
  • Receive a Personalized Coaching Report
  • Receive a Personalized Leadership Development Prescription
  • Receive Developmental Tools and Strategies
  • Receive Executive Coaching
  • Re-Assess Performance Perception and Measure Change

Assess the Individual

  • Behaviorally, how do you carry out your leadership/management role?
  • Motivationally, why are you driven to work as you do?
  • Cognitively, what and how is your perception of yourself and the world around you influencing your performance outcomes?
  • Define your Leadership Style and Management Strength
  • Clarify your Areas of Interest
  • Identify and Own your Strengths and Needs
  • Build on your Preferred Work Style
  • The Assessment Packet includes:
    • TriMetrix™ System Talent or Talent Plus Report
    • Birkman® Self Assessment Report

Assess the Position
If the leadership/management position “could talk,” what talents and resources would it say is required for superior performance?  Specifically,

  • What are the behavioral traits and how does the job rank these traits for superior performance?  How do your personal behavioral traits compare to what the job requires?
  • What are the rewards and culture system of the leadership position?  How does it compare to your passion and drive of performance?
  • All jobs require certain people attributes.  If the leadership/management position could talk, what talents would it say are required for superior performance?  And how would they be ranked?  How does your personal attributes compare to what the job requires?
  • The Assessment Packet includes:
    • The TriMetrix™ Job or Job Plus Report
    • The TriMetrix™ System Job/Talent Comparison Report

Assess the Performance Perception
To enhance complete understanding of your performance in the leadership role in your organization,

  • you need to go beyond understanding yourself,
  • go beyond what the job requires, and
  • include the level of understanding and expectations of those above you, your peers, and those who manage and supervis

This is accomplished through a 360˚ Feedback Evaluation process.  With the 360˚ you get the big picture.  A leader has followers, how well you lead can be reflected in how well your staff and employees follow based on their experience of your leader style.

Receive a Personalized Coaching Report
The TriMetrix™ Coaching Report is designed to take an in-depth look and increase the understanding of your talents, strengths and weaknesses.  This report provides insight into three distinct pieces of the performance puzzle: behaviors, motivators and attributes. The more you understand your strengths and weaknesses in each of these three areas, the more your pathway will lead to personal and professional development and success as well as a higher level of satisfaction.

Receive a Personalized Leadership Development Prescription
Utilizing the results from the assessment process and the individual debriefing experience we collaboratively identify, prioritize and target areas, behaviors, attitudes, and attributes you need to work on.  This allows you to invest your time on your personalized prescription to success and significance.

Receive Developmental Tools and Strategies
Some examples include:

  • Future Self Exercise
  • Job Performance Wheel
  • Wheel of Life Exercise
  • Management/Leadership Wheel
  • Life Purpose Exercise
  • Value Clarification Exercise
  • Select readings and books
  • Personal target development CDs

Receive Optional Executive Coaching

Re-Assess Performance Perception and Measure Changes