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The R.I.S.E. ProfileÔ



Business Evaluator

The foundation of business is the creation of value. The business “rises” in market share through effective communications about the value it is offering. The content and quality of the message directly influences market reception. The R.I.S.E. Profile is designed to measure business value formation and market resonance.  The profile results indicate where unrealized potential can be developed to create more value.

All organizations are multi-dimensional. To accurately determine how much value a company has established, at least four basic dimensions must be considered.  The RISE Profile uses a standard of dimensional symmetry as the measure of organizational value. This suggests a yardstick for measuring business value formation. 

            Business value creation standard = balanced and equal emphasis among:

                        1. Profit,

                        2. People,

                        3. Production, and

                        4. Economic resonance with the market.

Traditionally, most analysts have focused on how much money a company makes, relying on a single dimension of value, the financial. The emergence of the e-commerce based economy, with all its growing pains, has taught us two important lessons.

q       The first lesson is that traditional value benchmarks like “the balance sheet” no longer reveal sufficient value potential to accurately determine a company’s worth.

q       The second lesson is that all businesses, including Internet companies, must generate profit. 

The financial structure captures the “bottom line” financial value of an organization, but there are other value-generating areas such as “individual entrepreneurial vision,” “brand” or “product versatility” which are often equal or better indicators of business potential than the financial summary. The standard of measure used by the RISE Profile integrates four core sources of value creation. 

All areas where value is being or can be created must be factored into the equation. Formal axiology, the science of value, provides a multi-dimensional framework we can use to measure all dimensions of value. This framework establishes the architecture for the RISE profile.  The RISE Profile gets its name from four axiological value dimensions as they may be applied to organizing business. 

Axiological Dimensions Applied to a Business:

Resonance  (market responsiveness)...of

Involving (people),

Structuring (profitability), &

Evolving (product/service productivity)...values 

The purpose of the RISE Profile is to generate dimensionally integrated data bringing both actual and potential business value formation into clear focus. There are 16 questions for each of the four business value dimensions.  The results are depicted in a graphic overview with written explanations of the scores. 

The RISE Profile is also an educational tool.  Each business value dimension has its own descriptive section explaining its role in value creation.  Reading about each dimension and the 16 related questions tends to raise awareness about how and where additional value can be established and developed. 

There is no time limit for completing the RISE Profile. You may want to print out the set of questions first and study them over before you submit answers for scoring and results.