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Seminars and Growth Opportunities


For additional information on a specific program, click on the program title.

For specific details to bring any of the programs listed below to your organization, or to discuss other opportunities of development, send your inquires and requests to:  Develop@TheLeaderWithin.com

We have a network of over 600 affiliates nation wide that will customize your development process.


Dynamic Communication™

The Dynamic Communication™ seminar incorporates sophisticated computerized behavioral communication assessments and the TTI’s Success Insights® Wheel.  This seminar stresses application in visual terms everyone can understand and apply.  Participants will better understand themselves as well as better understand those around them.  


Your Attitude is Showing™

People often lack the words to articulate why they do the things they do, or why they feel the way they feel.  The Your Attitude is Showing™ seminar raises the awareness of your attitudes and values and empowers you to live a more satisfying life-style.  You will better understand why you and others are driven to work the way they do. 


Customer Loyalty™

This development process will take you beyond the typical scripted interaction with a customer, and past the everyday policies and systems you are involved in as a service provider with your organization.  This process will help you discover how to create loyal Customers by exceeding their expectations.  You will also develop the necessary skills and attitudes to help you personally and emotionally connect with your customers.  By completing this curriculum you are embarking on an exciting pathway of personal growth and positive contribution to your organization!  This is a 5 week curriculum process development program.


Dynamics of Leadership™

Dynamics of Leadership™ is a structured, open-ended pragmatic approach to developing leaders.  It is not a “teaching” program, but a “developing” program designed to engage leaders in a process that results in personal and professional growth.  The development of more effective leaders has a direct correlation to an increase in the productivity and profits of a company.  This is a 10 week curriculum process development program.